hustle, hustle, hustle... breathe

I love motivational speakers.  I love what they are able to do for people.  I have profound respect for all of the people who dedicate their time to inspiring other people.  As our world has become even more connected over time, it seems we’ve all gained access to an endless amount of motivational content.  From videos to simple quotes, motivation and inspiration is always just at our fingertips.  Each and every day we can log into our favorite social feed and find tid bits of wisdom and encouragement.  We’re constantly encouraged to be generous, to be kind, and more than anything else work hard and pursue our dreams.  Perhaps the most prevalent motivational content is that which reminds us to “hustle”.

This is all fine.  The problem is that some of us have become obsessed with “the hustle”.  To the point where we constantly feel like we’re not doing enough.  We often forget that self-care should be our priority.  Many of us are convinced that the only way to achieve success and live happily is to work ourselves to death, to always be the most creative, the most passionate, the smartest, the quickest, the best, all at one time.  We’re so engrossed in keeping up with this fast paced world and accomplishing as much as we possibly can in a lifetime that we often forget that we’re human.

Like so many others, I fall into this same trap.  I listen to my favorite media figures talk about how the only way to succeed is to work until I simply can’t anymore and to cut out all of the frivolous entertainment in my life.  So I try. I plan my day down to the half-hour. I self-talk myself into trading TV for work.  I lay in bed each night stressed out because still, I don’t feel like I’ve done enough.  Even when I devote more than 12 hours each day to my career and even more to eating healthy, keeping a clean house, volunteering, etc. I lay in bed wondering why in the hell am I not a millionaire at 24.  Let’s not even get started on the pressures of being a woman.  Look presentable, stay in shape, have a social life, it’s sickening.

Sometimes we need breaks.  We need to indulge in relaxation, or fun, or both.  As the perfectly flawed humans that we are, we must allow ourselves the time we need to do other things that make us happy.  Spend time with family, go out with friends, take a nap, hell, eat a piece of pizza.  Sometimes taking a moment to enjoy life outside of all the ambitious pursuits is the best thing you can do for yourself. 

Stop listening to the people who tell you that sleeping is bad and don’t let these “hustlers” make you feel less than because you enjoy binging on Game of Thrones every now and then.  Because what’s worse: watching tv with a glass of wine at the end of a long work day or doing crappy work because you’re so exhausted and burned out?


Lauren FlaniganComment