This page used to be the hardest to complete especially compared to the dreamy blogs I cyberstalk  24/7. Their cool explanations and philosophical stories for starting, are far better than mine of simply being heartbroken and bored two years ago. 

During that time, I detested the opposite sex, and wanted to belong to something exclusive of men. My local softball team was full, so blog it was

Since then, Kitty Clique has grown beyond just a blog, obvious by all the cool ass women who've joined along the way. These same women have helped pull off various events, like the time we learned a lap dance and drank free wine , raised money to help international women in need, and exchanged hilariously candid stories like the time I violated my pussy via self-brazilian-wax.  

Most importantly though we've grown into our cause: womann-hood, support, and free shit. 

Still not a super dreamy explanation, but philosophical enough for us. 

Welcome to The Clique <3