hustle, hustle, hustle... breathe

I love motivational speakers.  I love what they are able to do for people.  I have profound respect for all of the people who dedicate their time to inspiring other people.  As our world has become even more connected over time, it seems we’ve all gained access to an endless amount of motivational content.  From videos to simple quotes, motivation and inspiration is always just at our fingertips.  Each and every day we can log into our favorite social feed and find tid bits of wisdom and encouragement.  We’re constantly encouraged to be generous, to be kind, and more than anything else work hard and pursue our dreams.  Perhaps the most prevalent motivational content is that which reminds us to “hustle”…
by: @leaux_london

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the day we met

Remembering the night like it was yesterday.
A memory to be cherished forever.
Like a tattoo in my mind I vision your eyes.
My heart racing,
Sitting in the dark, lit with only our spark.
Your head showing through the darkness.
The glaze could not hide the beauty I found.
The day I met you was grey and cold.The warmth in your soul holding me close.
Our unbreakable bond conceived.
As I got called away,
You reached out to say,
This isn’t the last look.
Being pulled away, I took a peak;
To recapture this memory I hold deep,
The first foretell of our shine.


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to: the 1

i’m too afraid
& not nearly gentle enough for the common man
i’m too passive with my needs,
& too aggressive with my wants,
i’m bitter too

sometimes im too quiet,
and others i’m too loquacious
balance isn’t my thing y e t

i know all these things
and am changing,
learning to use my female divinity for all that I pursue.

e s p e c i a l l y you.

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or fall for anything...

its so easy to be a think-alike for the sake of peace. agreeing doesn’t start shit. true. but it doesn’t provoke conversation either. or support the beauty in feeling your own feelings, & thinking your own thoughts. admit what you really feel, & how you really see things. trust yourself in a room full of nay sayers. stand for s o m e t h i n g.

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let her (old you) go

stop producing a lower version of yourself
or reverting back to the old you
for someone who doesn’t make the time to understand
who you are
or why you are
effort is optional
& they’ve chosen
so should you.

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from abuse - to self love

I was going to make this a "how-to" to help others but let's be honest, I'm not qualified for that type of advice. Instead, let me take you on my personal journey of how I'm overcoming the aftermath of an abusive relationship. Tell you how I'm learning to love myself and allow love from others in. If nothing else, maybe my words can be used as a form of inspiration for someone else on their self-love journey. by @bobeaubreaux

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