TTYL Barack Obama

ttyl obama

Me and goodbye’s don’t get along. In fact, when I was a kid my dad worked at a steel factory that required him to travel three to five days out of the week. No matter how normal those absences became, I’d without fail melt into an emotional puddle every time I had to say goodbye […]

Fashion Goals: 74th Golden Globe Awards


Thanks to my barely there attention span, sparkly dresses and better than perfect makeup are the only reasons I watch award shows and was tuned into the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards last night. If you also tuned in, or even if you didn’t and saw via Instagram, you bore witness to all of the […]

Thank God For Donald Trump


Yes, you read the title right: Thank God for Donald Trump.  But before you screenshot me and text your BFF saying “Lauren has lost her fucking mind”, hear me out: How shitty does it feel when you meet someone, get really comfortable with them, only to realize they aren’t who you expected: that they pee […]

Help: 25 Questions I Need Answered Before 25

25 Questions

It’s that time of year again where I am without fail, thunderstruck by a trillion different emotions. I’m not talking about the overwhelmingly confusing holiday decor in every retail store, which has Halloween lanterns right next to the Christmas trees and just before the Thanksgiving centerpieces (Dear Kroger, how the hell am I supposed to enjoy one holiday, when […]

Are False Lashes Your Thing?


Every time I try to be apart of the Attractive People Coalition and self-apply falsies, I either glue my eye shut or can’t get the damn lash corners to stay put. So I go without them, entrusting Fiber Lash, eyeliner, and prayer to achieve the dramatic lash line effect. Recently though, one of my friend’s recommended individual lashes because of […]

Didn’t Go to NYFW? No Biggie.


I wasn’t 3 feet from stampeding supermodels, I don’t have any cool snaps with the NY geo filter, and I can’t “technically” use NYFW in any of my insta posts (I did anyway, call the Insta-police). TBH: NY just doesn’t fit in my current budget. What I do have though is internet. And thanks to sites […]

To My Beautiful Black Man

Black Man

To My Beautiful Black Man, Too many of you are falling… similar to the tears falling down my face, as I watch CNN report the Baton Rouge homicide of Alton Sterling, seconds after the Minnesota murder of Philando Castile. I am restrained with emotions and overwhelmed with the reality that, although we sit in integrated […]